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11 февраля 2016 г.

Processing and packaging,made in Italy

The Italian industry of packaging and food processing – considering the entire production chain and not including material handling and lifting systems–is worth€ 38 billion, of which 8 billion are generated by capital goods (source: Ipack-Ima based on ANIMA and UCIMA data, 2014)i.e. technology, machines and systems, and 30 billion by the packaging industry (source: Ipack-Ima based on Italian Packaging Institute data, 2014), i.e. materials and packages.

In particular, Italian technology and machinery represent a top-level market with an export average of over 70%, which exceeds 80% for packaging. In this industry Italian production accounts for 26.5% of total exports, similarly to the other major manufacturing country - Germany (source: UCIMA).

In Italy the production chain employs an average of 139,167 people, of whom over 105,000 in the packaging industry and over 34,000 in capital goods (food processing + packaging machinery).

According to 2015 balance projectionsthe performance of the packaging and food processing industry is essentially stable. On the front of packaging machinery revenues are also holding strongwith € 6.1 billion, only € 100 millionless than 2014. The domestic market is also finally showing signs of recovery with +1.4% compared to 2014 (source: UCIMA research center). Lastly, figures show a positive trend for food processing machinery (source: ANIMA Assofoodtec), both in terms of production (+2.1%) and exports (+2.5%).


High-specialization processing and packaging for the meat industry

The excellent quality of the Italian production of machinery and equipment for the meat industry, recognized and appreciated worldwide, helped offset the impact of the recent economic crisis. In particular, according to Assofoodtec data the industry closed 2014 with an increase in production value equal to +1.1%, more than recouping the slight drop registered in 2013.


Exports, which absorb just below 70% of total production, show a 15% growth in 2014, which more than compensated for the decrease suffered in 2013 (-8%). Exports value in 2014 reached almost € 130 million (source:Istat).


Italy occupies an important position in the ranking of the main exporting countries of meat processing machinery and systems: it’s the world’s fourth largest exporter (2014 data). Pending the final end-of-year balance, a further increase in both production and exports is expected in 2015 as well (source:Assofoodtec).


Machinery and moulds for plastics and rubber: new impulse to Made-in-Italy production

Production of machinery and moulds for plastics and rubber was worth € 4 billion in 2014. It is estimated that the 2015 end-of-year balance will confirm revenues for € 4.1 billion, a 2.5% growth over the previous year. The number of employees remains stable at 13,500 for about 900 companies.


ASSOCOMAPLAST’s processing of ISTAT foreign trade data regarding the period from January to September 2015 compared to the same period in 2014 shows a growth in both imports and exports, as already observed in the previous months, with particular reference to imports which enjoy considerable growth. Based on this performance, at the end of December the total value of purchases from foreign countries should be between € 700 and 750 million.

Exports value in the first nine months of 2015 stands at a level not far from that of the entire year 2014. Final data may exceed the 2007 record-setting figure of € 2.8 billion.

Exports show substantial growth – over 30 percentage points – towards the NAFTA region thanks to an increase in sales to US companies.

Also encouragingare exports towards Europe –which again proves the main destination for sales outside of Italy. However, there is a significant gap between EU markets with a 13% growth and extra-EU markets, showing an overall decrease of 4% mainly due to the strongly negative performance of sales to Russia. Lastly, while the Far East displays positive figures compared to January-September 2014 (on the rise in Indonesia andThailand; stable in China), the Middle Eastreports a contraction associated to a slowdown in SaudiArabia and the previous stall with Iran. However, prospects are now definitely improving.

Printing and converting: the industry among the main beneficiaries of the sector

According to ACIMGA data, Italy is the leading country in the production of rotogravure, flexography and converting machinery. This is also an industry where exports play a central role, with 150 industrial-size companies (employing about 7,000 people) to which are added a large number of medium- to small-size companies highly specialized from a production and technological point of view. These have developed a successful combination of organizational evolution, innovation and technical development; particularly in the converting industry,they also offer world-class quality production, which attracts the entire Italian business community as well as a large number of important foreign visitors to trade exhibitions.

In Italy the entire production chain–paper, publishing, printing and converting – generates business volumes for over € 30 billion, employs about 200,000 people and has an export share of about 30%. In addition, printing companies are once more willing to invest as show by ARGI 2014 data. According to the ARGI observatory, there has been an increase in revenues in the industry equal to 19.7% over the previous year, which climbs to 24.5% if we compare revenues from printing systems (hardware) alone. Today about 25% of printing revenues are generated by the packaging industry, a figure that is bound to grow. Packaging plays an even greater role for converting and pre-print machinery, reaching50% of total revenues over the last few years.

Lifting and handling machines: production and exports on the rise

According to ANIMA balance projections, in 2014 the industry reached about € 4 billion worth of production value (2.7 billion for the lifting and handling sector and 1.3 for industrial self-propelled trucks), with an average exports value of 31%.

2015 balance projections show a slight growth, with +1.8% for lifting and handling and +4.9% for industrial self-propelled trucks. The positive trend also applies to exports, where the percentage with respect to production rises to 32%. The main target market is still the EU, but Asian markets are playing an increasingly important role.

Employment is stable at 14,435 workers.

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